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Net Impact of COVID-19 on REIT Returns Yongpei Cai, Kuan Xu
Economic Insecurity and Well-being L Osberg
Monetary Policy and the Term Structure of Inflation Expectations with Information Frictions J McNeil
The Effects of a Green Nudge on Municipal Solid Waste: Evidence from a Clear Bag Policy M Akbulut-Yuksel, C Boulatoff
Estimation of Impulse Response Functions with Term Structure Local Projections J McNeil
Policy Regimes, Income Inequality and Growth in Canada since 1946 L Osberg
Modeling Interest Rate Setting at the European Central Bank with Bargaining Models and Counterfactuals J McNeil
Information Flow and Price Discovery Dynamics L Wu, K Xu, Q Meng
Structural Change and Global Trade Flows: Does an Emerging Giant Matter? B. N. Dennis, T B Iscan
A Microstructure Study of Circuit Breakers in the Chinese Stock Markets S Wang, K Xu, H Zhang
Could "Equality of Opportunity" among Commoners Suffice? L Osberg
Full Employment in Canada in the Early 21st Century L Osberg
The Shattered "Iron Rice Bowl" -- Intergenerational Effects of Economic Insecurity During Chinese State-Owned Enterprise Reform N Kong, W Zhou, L Osberg
Resilience in Youth: Evidence from a Forced Migration in China W Zhou
Industrialization Led Growth in Tanzania: Running with Two Legs in the 21st Century? L Osberg
Unemployment Volatility and Networks S Kivinen
Polarization in Strategic Networks S Kivinen
Consensus in Social Networks: Revisited S Kivinen, N Tumennasan
Perceived Discrimination, Belonging and the Life Satisfaction of Canadian Adolescents with Disabilities N Branscome, A Daley, S Phipps
Social values for equality and preferences for state intervention: Is the USA "Exceptional"? L Osberg, I Bechert
Market Power and the Aggregate Saving Rate A Giusto, T Iscan
On the Limitations of Some Current Usages of the Gini Index L Osberg
Performance of Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Firms: An International Perspective C Boulatoff, C M Boyer
"Slow-Burn" Spillover and "Fast and Furious" Contagion: A Study of International Stock Markets L Wu, Q Meng, K Xu
Brothers, Household Financial Markets and Savings Rate in China W Zhou
Learning to Agree: A New Perspective on Price Drift A Giusto
What's So Bad About More Inequality? L Osberg
Nowcasting U.S. Business Cycle Turning Points with Vector Quantization A Giusto, J Piger
Canadian Retirement Security: A New Reality of Low Returns B J MacDonald, L Osberg
The Hunger of Old Women in Rural Tanzania: How subjective data could improve poverty measurement L Osberg, T Mboghoina
Theoretical Considerations and Implications of Low Income Threshold Choices to Low Income Dynamics: A Case Study for Canada from 1999 to 2007 Z Ren, K Xu
Allocative Inefficiency and Sectoral Allocation of Labor: Evidence From US Structural Transformation T Iscan
"Running with Two Legs": Why Poverty Remains High in Tanzania and What To Do About It L Osberg, A Bandara
Brand-Name and Generic Drug Pricing in a Regulated Environment: Findings from Canada Data Z Ren, I Sketris, K Xu
Why Did Unemployment Disappear from Official Macro-Economic Policy Discourse in Canada? L Osberg
The Long-Term Direct and External Effects of Jewish Expulsions in Nazi Germany M Akbulut-Yuksel, M Yuksel
Adapting Kernel Estimation to Uncertain Smoothness Y Kotlyarova, M Schafgans, V Zinde-Waksh
Fron a Young Teen's Perspective: Income and the Happiness of Canadian 12 to 15 Year-Olds P Burton, S Phipps
The Well-Being of Immigrant Children and Parents in Canada P Burton, S Phipps
Economic Mobility, Family Background, and the Well-Being of Children in the United States and Canada M Corak, L Curtis, S Phipps
Families, Time and Well-Being in Canada P Burton, S Phipps
Low Family Income and the Overweight Status of Canadian Adolescents P Burton, S Phipps
Market Regimes, Sectorial Investments, and Time-Varying Risk Premiums P Liu, K Xu, Y Zhao
Measuring Economic Insecurity and Vulnerability as Part of Economic Well-Being: Concepts and Context L Osberg
Left Behind: Intergenerational Transmission of Human Capital in the Midst of HIV/AIDS M Akbulut-Yuksel, B Turan
Children of War: The Long-Run Effects of LargeScale Physical Destruction and Warfare on Children M Akbulut-Yuksel
Influenza Immunization Campaigns: Is an Ounce of Prevention Worth a Pound of Cure? C Ward
Engel and Baumol: How much can they explain the rise of service employment in the United States? T Iscan
Productivity Growth and the Future of the U.S. Saving Rate T Iscan
Canada's Declining Social Safety Net: EI Reform and the 2009 Budget L Osberg
Learning Violence Young L Zhang
The Prince and the Pauper: Movement of Children Up and Down the Canadian Income Distribution, 1994-2004 P Burton, S Phipps
Have Most North Americans Already Met Their Kyoto Obligations? Trends in the CO2 Content of Consumption and the Role of Income Inequality L Osberg
Tasks and Opportunities within Indian Families S Motiram, L Osberg
The Growth of Poor Children in China 1991-2000: Why Food Subsidies May Matter L Osberg, J Shao, K Xu
A Quarter Century of Economic Inequality in Canada: 1981-2006 L Osberg
The Impact of Monetary Policy Shocks on Stock Prices: Evidence from Canada and the United States Y Li, T Iscan, K Xu
U-Statistics and Their Asymptotic Results for Some Inequality and Poverty Measures K Xu
The Kinked Demand Curve with a Conjectural Hitch – A Micro Extension with Macro Implications M Bradfield
Accounting for Structural Change: Evidence from Two Centuries of U.S. Data B Dennis, T Iscan
Agricultural Distortions, Structural Change, and Economics Growth: A Cross-Country Analysis B Dennis, T Iscan
How Should We Measure Poverty in a Changing World? Methodological Issues and Chinese Case Study L Osberg, K Xu
Social Capital and Basic Goods: The Cautionary Tale of Drinking Water in India S Motiram, L Osberg